Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sports bras distributed?

We work directly with the organizations and people who will be traveling to the equipment’s destination ensure that the bras get to their intended recipients. Usually this means giving the sports bras to someone who will be meeting or working directly with the groups receiving the sports bras.

What type of sports bras do you accept?

We accept new sports bras of all sizes and brands. Medium- to high-impact models are preferred.

Can I decide where the bras we donate go to?

Sometimes. If there is a particular program or country you would like your sports bras to go to, we will do our best do our best to accommodate. When and to which organization sports bras are distributed is dependent on timing of programs and transportation logistics.

Will we know where our donated bras went?

Yes. We are always excited to share the stories of the women who have received sports bras. We will keep you updated with information and, when available, photos of those who receive the sports bras.

Are monetary donations accepted?

Monetary donations to The Sports Bra Project help cover operating expenses and the purchase of additional sports bras when needed. The Sports Bra Project obtained nonprofit status in 2018 and is in the final stages of obtaining tax exempt designation. Donations made before tax exempt status is finalized will be tax deductible retroactively. Please contact us via this link if you are interested in contributing financial support.

How can we bring sports bras to a community in need?

If you are traveling or working with a group that would benefit from receiving sports bras, email us as far in advance as possible with information about your program. If it is a good match with the goals of The Sports Bra project, we will work with you to promote and collect Sports Bras.